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Faculty & Staff

Full Time Faculty

Ajay Gehlawat
Ajay Gehlawat
Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Theatre & Film
Carson 33
Janet Hess
Janet Berry Hess
Professor of Art History/African and Diasporic Studies
Carson Hall 52
Stephanie Dyer
Chair and Professor of American History and Political Economy
Carson 44B
Benjamin Frymer
Benjamin Frymer
Associate Professor of Sociology
Carson 55
Justine Law
Justine Law
Assistant Professor of Ecology and Environmental Studies
Carson Hall 59
Eric Mcguckin
Eric McGuckin
Professor of Anthropology
Carson 61
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen
Assistant Professor of STEM Education
Carson 34
Wendy Ostroff
Wendy Ostroff
Professor of Cognitive & Developmental Science
Carson 35