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Welcome to Hutchins.  We invite you to take a seat at the table.

We do things differently at Hutchins.

At Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, We challenge the limits. We believe there should not be a limit to what you can learn or who you can become. We are the flagship liberal arts program of the CSU system, with one of the highest graduation and retention rates in the state.

What makes Hutchins so special?

  • Hutchins classes are seminar-based. This means Hutchins students gather around the seminar table in small groups and delve deeply into complex material together. They deliberate ideas, challenge biases, build understanding and thoughtfully listen to and learn from each other. Traditional academic hierarchies recede as professors facilitate and students lead their classes in exciting, empowering, transformative conversations.
  • Hutchins classes are interdisciplinary. This means that classes don’t focus on one narrow area, but explore ideas from multiple disciplines and diverse viewpoints, covering literature, art, media, psychology, social and cultural history, the sciences, philosophy, anthropology, and contemporary affairs. It’s through this rigorous multidisciplinary approach that students discover the complex connections and relationships that comprise our world.
  • Hutchins classes are no test based.  We don't believe in testing students.
  • Hutchins students have the opportunity to create their own independent learning projects, integrate community service and real-world experience into their curricula, and study abroad for credit.
  • Hutchins students leave with skills that are invaluable in any job market or economic climate. Hutchins graduates become tomorrow’s critical thinkers, communicators, teachers, activists, and community and business leaders.


Do you want to ask the big questions? Do you want to be part of the big response? Do you want to understand why the world is the way it is and what you can do to change it?

Join the great thinkers and doers of tomorrow. We’re saving your seat at the table and can’t wait to hear your voice.






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