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Academic Forms and Petitions

Forms & Petition 

Field Trips 

Document: Driving Packet (286.79 KB)
Document: Field Trip and Emergency (608.48 KB)

Graduation Application

How to apply for Graduation

Graduation FAQ 

Graduation information

Commencement information



Hutchins Major/Minors

Document: Hutchins minor worksheet (83.38 KB)
Document: Track i advising worksheet.pdf (96.06 KB)
Document: Track 1 four year advising plan (110.84 KB)
Document: Track 1 degree pathway.pdf (43.18 KB)
Document: Track 1 Two Year advising plan (115.23 KB)
Document: Track II 4 year advising plan (246.84 KB)
Document: track II major form (96.68 KB)
Document: Hutchins blended program (129.39 KB)
Document: Blended 4 year plan 2021 (117.55 KB)
Document: Blended 4 year plan 2017-18 (89.85 KB)
Document: Blended transfer (66.57 KB)



Document: Incomplete Request (458.93 KB)
Document: Libs 410 form (95.09 KB)
Document: Teaching Assistant_LIBS 480.pdf (72.96 KB)

E-Portfolio project 

Document: Low Division portfolio.pdf (188.98 KB)
Document: upperdivisionportfolio.pdf (226.17 KB)

Hutchins Repository of ePortfolios

Google form for submission of your ePortfolio

Register for Class

How to Register

Orientation Information 

Document: Hutchins Orientation Slides (5.94 MB)


Document: libs_499_internship.pdf (385.45 KB)