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The Integrative Studies Minor is designed to help students studying in a traditional discipline understand the relation that their field of study bears to a number of other areas of inquiry and expertise. An Interdisciplinary Studies Minor consists of 20 units, taken in the Hutchins School, and is distributed as follows:

Required courses (7 units)

  1. LIBS 302: Introduction to Liberal Studies - 3 units (students continuing from the LIBS lower division are exempt)
  2. LIBS 402 or 403: Senior Synthesis - 4 units

Choose courses from the following list (13 units)

  • LIBS 204 or 205: 4 units
  • LIBS 208 or 209: 4 units
  • LIBS 320 (A, B, C, or D): Hutchins core seminars - 3 units
  • LIBS 310/410: Directed Study - 1-4 units
  • LIBS 399: Student-Taught Course - 2 units

​ ​Total units: 20

Students in the Interdisciplinary Studies Minor must complete LIBS 202 or 302 before they will be allowed to take a seminar (LIBS 320 A, B, C, or D). In consultation with an academic advisor, students will select interdisciplinary core seminars and other courses offered in the Hutchins School, and then complete LIBS 402 or 403 during their final semester at Sonoma State, which examines the student’s major field of study in relation to other disciplinary perspectives.

Minor forms: 

Document: Hutchins minor worksheet (83.38 KB)