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Program Overview

Program Overview/Degree Programs

 The Hutchins School of Liberal Studies began as a two-year experiment in 1968 and was later renamed in recognition of Dr. Robert Maynard Hutchins, an early educational reformer who believed that American democracy could not be realized unless the country’s citizens were comprehensively educated. For more than 50 years, The Hutchins School for Liberal Studies has been striving towards Dr. Hutchins guiding principle: “The University is a community of scholars that has as its primary purpose to unsettle the minds of students, to widen their horizons, [and] to inflame their intellect.”

Three different degree programs allow students to pursue the interdisciplinary studies of their choice, or a career in elementary education. A fourth way to engage with Hutchins is to fulfill your general education requirements here. You can also obtain a minor in Liberal Studies at Hutchins. Click the links below to find out more about each path.

Track 1: Interdisciplinary Studies Major: This track allows students to develop an individualized study plan tailored to their career and academic interests, incorporating Hutchins seminar classes, workshops, independent studies, internships, and study abroad experiences. Learn more about Track 1.

Track 2: Elementary Teaching Pre-Credential Preparation: Students in this track complete Hutchins coursework and all teacher preparation prerequisites to enter any Education’s Multiple Subject and Special Education Credential Programs. Learn more about Track 2

Track 3: Blended Elementary Teaching Preparation and Credential Program: This accelerated track allows students to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies as well as fulfill requirements for a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in just four years. This credential allows students to begin teaching in California public elementary schools immediately after graduation. Learn more about Track 3.

GE Learning Community Courses: The Lower Division Program of Hutchins School fulfills all Sonoma State University lower-division General Education requirements, with the exception of Mathematics. Learn more about fulfilling your GE requirements at Hutchins.

Minor in Liberal Studies: The Minor in Liberal Studies is geared for students in a traditional discipline to examine their major field of study in relation to other disciplinary perspectives. Learn more about a Hutchins minor.