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Elementary Teacher Preparation

Elementary Teacher Preparation

The Hutchins Liberal Studies Elementary Teacher Preparation major combines the breadth of a Liberal Studies degree with the specific knowledge needed to become an elementary school teacher. A California Commission on Teacher Credentialing-approved program, Track II prepares students to enter a multiple subject or education specialist teaching credential program after they have earned their LIBS BA.

By participating in a specially designed sequence including fieldwork and seminar classes, Hutchins Liberal Studies Teacher Preparation majors will gain highly developed verbal and written communication skills and will understand each subject of the elementary school curriculum with considerable depth. The approach is further enhanced by meaningful professional experiences in the elementary classroom.

The Track II option ensures interdisciplinary subject matter proficiency and the high-level analytic, creative, and expressive academic skills required of future educators.

Coursework is carefully planned to meet state-mandated standards for prospective elementary teachers and provides excellent preparation for the CSET Multiple Subjects exam, which is required for admission to a professional teacher training program. Students who complete the appropriate coursework can obtain a CSET Multiple Subjects exam waiver.

Track II is a great choice for teacher preparation students who are interested in Study Abroad, adding a minor or double major, Spanish Bilingual Supplemental Authorization, or pursuing an Education Specialist credential.

In addition to general Hutchins School core courses, students will be required to take the courses listed below as part of their major:

Required Courses:

  • LIBS 312: Schools and Society (3 units)
  • LIBS 327: Literacy, Language, and Pedagogy or ENG 379: English Language (3-4 units)
  • LIBS 330: The Child in Question (3 units)
  • MATH 300A: Elementary Number Systems (3 units)
  • MATH 300B: Probability and Statistics (3 units)
  • KIN 400: Elementary P.E. (3 units)

Elementary Teaching Pre-Credential students complete specified courses in the sciences, visual art history, performing arts, math, and kinesiology. Elementary Teaching Pre-Credential also includes a 12-unit area of concentration focused on a content area useful for teacher preparation, such as human development, reading and literature, social science, math, science, or visual and performing arts. A minor in an appropriate academic discipline may waive the area of concentration requirement.

Track II Forms:

Document: Track II 4 year advising plan (246.84 KB)
Document: Track II transfer advising plan (84.1 KB)
Document: track II major form (96.68 KB)