Kevin Nguyen

Assistant Professor of STEM Education

Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen




Carson 34

Feminist Approaches to Science and Technology Studies (LIBS 320B)
Exploring the Unknown (LIBS 201)
Challenge of Response in the Modern World (LIBS 202)

Academic Interests

I am a learning scientist and discipline-based education researcher specializing in science and engineering education. I am specifically interested in how people and communities learn and engage in science and engineering outside of school. My current ethnographic research examines how a community of citizen scientists and whitewater canoers accessed, learned, and engaged with water quality science in Texas and on the border. Previously, I have worked on understanding the STEM doctoral student experience and increasing the usage of active learning in undergraduate STEM classrooms

Selected Publications & Presentations

Shekhar, P., Borrego, M., Finelli, C., DeMonbrun, M., Crockett, C., & Nguyen, K. A. (Forthcoming). Negative Student Response to Active Learning in STEM Classrooms: A Systematic Review of Underlying Reasons. Journal of College Science Teaching.

Borrego, M., Choe, N., Nguyen, K. A., & Knight, D. B. (2019). STEM Doctoral Student Agency Regarding Funding. Studies in Higher Education. doi: 10.1080/03075079.2019.1650737

Nguyen, K. A. (2019). Border Patrol: Questioning the Citizen in Citizen Scientist. Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics. 9(1), 27-29. doi:10.1353/nib.2019.0012

Finelli, C. J., Nguyen, K. A., DeMonbrun, R. M., Borrego, M., Prince, M. J., Husman, J., Henderson, C., Shekhar, P., & Waters, C. K. (2018). Reducing student resistance to active learning: Strategies for instructors. Journal of College Science Teaching, 47(5), 80-91.

Tharayil, S., Borrego, M., Prince, M., Nguyen, K. A., Shekhar, P., Finelli, C., & Waters, C. (2018). Strategies to mitigate student resistance to active learning. International Journal of STEM Education. 5(1), 7. doi:10.1186/s40594-018-0102-y

Nguyen, K. A., Husman, J., Borrego, M., Shekhar, P., Prince, M., DeMonbrun, R. M., Finelli, C., Henderson, C., & Waters, C. (2017). Students’ Expectations, Types of Instruction, and Instructor Strategies Predicting Student Response to Active Learning. International Journal of Engineering Education, 33(1(A)), 2-18.