Hutchins Advisor

Advising in Hutchins is done by last name and Track. Get advising early - it can help you plan your semester.

Assigned Advisors:      

Track 1/ Minors 

A-KI- Mercy Romero

KJ-PH  Kevin Nguyen

PI-Z Ajay Gehlawat

Track 2

A-DA  Wendy Ostroff

DB-HA Ben Frymer

HB-MA Janet Hess 

MB-RI- Justine Law

RJ-Z Eric McGuckin

Track 3

Stephanie Dyer -

Advising Resources/Registration:

Degree Completion:

For students that are in Degree Completion or would like to learn more about the Degree Completion program please contact Degree Program Advisor Amy Unger at (707) 664-2601,