Donna Garbesi

 Hutchins Advisor

Donna Garbesi is the primary academic advisor in the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies. Donna will provides assistance and information regarding:

  • Class offerings in the school
  • Major and minor program requirements
  • Track options within the major 
  • Course schedules
  • SSU Catalog information
  • Available academic resources and advising
  • General advising
  • GE patterns
  • Registration guidance
  • Student support service 

When receiving advising services with Donna, students can expect helpful guidance from staff who will provide useful referrals, information and assistance. If additional academic advising is required, Donna will refer students to specific programs and resources to meet student needs.

For further assistance please contact:

Donna Garbesi
(707) 664-2492
Rachel Carson Hall 44

To assure availability, please email Donna for an appointment.

For students that are in Degree Completion or would like to learn more about the Degree Completion program please contact Degree Program Advisor Amy Unger at (707) 664-2601,