Courses in this area satisfy seminar requirement.
A course in literary explorations that will include subjects not normally offered in the regular curriculum. Please see Schedule of Classes for current titles. May be repeated for credit. Cross listed with ENGL 321C.
Courses in this area satisfy seminar requirement.
This course for pre-credential multiple subject students looks at the importance of literacy and language arts in the contemporary world, including the value of writing and literature in the classroom, as well as the significance of literacy as a broader educational and social issue. Students will develop a pedagogy of grammar, examine the use of literature and the written word in the classroom, and create and teach a classroom grammar lesson.
A close inspection of child development and elementary school pedagogy, emphasizing relevant social and cultural factors as well as major theoretical views of physical, emotional, and personality growth. Subjective views of childhood experience will be contrasted with observations. Readings from Erikson, Freud, Hall, Goodall, and others.
Topics will vary from semester to semester. Course may be repeated for credit. Topics can only be repeated with permission. May be offered through Special Sessions in a hybrid or online teaching mode.
In this course we will be putting together a Volume of Zephyr, the Hutchins Literary Journal. Students will create the thematic structure and recruit written and visual work from the entire Hutchins Community (including lower- and upper-division students, faculty, staff, degree completion students, masters students, and alumni). Students will also make all decisions regarding selection and editing, as well as organization and layout. The semester will culminate with the publication and distribution of Zephyr and the organization of a public reading for the Hutchins community. This course is repeatable.
This course will give students a forum to create a Hutchins Community Art Showing. During class time, students will choose the dates and venue for the art showing, secure the necessary venue, publicize the event, create a call for entries, process the entries, decide which entries will be shown, hang show, plan and conduct reception, take down show. This course may be repeated for credit.
The Hutchins Pedagogy Project workshop will combine project-based learning, Web CT, and in-class training to teach Hutchins students (future teachers) how to implement seminars and/or act as tutors in elementary, AVID, and high school classrooms. Hutchins students will use individual and small group work in addition to whole-class seminar discussions to increase critical thinking and collaboration skills of students in local Sonoma County classrooms.
Students will attend Sonoma Film Institute screenings or other film-related lectures or events on campus. Students will earn 1 unit of credit for every 6 film screenings attended. Students are also required to complete weekly reading assignments and submit a written film analysis incorporating these readings following each screening. Repeatable for up to 4 units. Crosslisted with AMCS 390. Satisfies GE, category C1. Teaching mode of Online.