B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

What is a Liberal Arts Education at the Hutchins School?


Students who would prefer a broad interdisciplinary major as a foundation for their career choice (e.g. the arts, the law, public service, etc.), or who are motivated by intellectual curiosity and wish to pursue an individualized study plan, often choose interdisciplinary studies. Students in Interdisciplinary Studies may organize an area of emphasis within the 40 units required for the major which reflects their career plans and/ or intellectual interests.

Interdisciplinary Studies students may use up to 9 units from other majors or 12 units from approved study abroad programs as part of their emphasis in the Hutchins major, and we strongly encourage these students to consider doing a minor in another field. Alternatively, students majoring in interdisciplinary studies will complete the 17 additional units by choosing from a wide variety of courses which include elective seminars, workshops, independent and directed studies, internships, field experience and study-away opportunities.

The field experience or study away requirement, often preceded by a semester of independent study related to the placement, allows students to include, as part of their major, experiences as diverse as a period of domestic or international study and travel, an independent project in a nearby community, an internship with a local arts organization, business, school, or social service agency, substantial involvement in a program with another department on this or some other campus, or other options and activities created by the student in consultation with an advisor