LIBS 204

Minorities in American Cinema
This course is designed to examine the fundamental beliefs, assumptions, and "self-evident" truths that serve as the foundation for American culture, and then to consider those truths in light of challenges provided by multicultural perspectives. Our primary focus will be the representations of racial minorities in American cinema from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present day. Applying an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach, we will investigate the depictions of race, racial identity, and interracial relationships in both mainstream (Hollywood) and alternative cinemas. We will supplement our inquiry through related works of literature and drama, in addition to readings in film theory, film history, and critical cultural studies. Thus, even as we consider the historical truths of American culture, these "truths" will be consistently interrogated and reformulated by examining the representations of minority figures and groups in American cinema. This course fulfills GE Area C1 (Fine Arts, Theatre, Dance, Music, Film) and Critical Race Studies.
Satisfies GE